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¡Simplemente Mariachi! Book 1
-by Marcia Neel  and Francisco A Grijalva with
Fernando A Aguilar, Ramiro Benavides, Jr, Erik M Ramirez, Adam Romo and Michael Sital.
The simple method for teaching the vibrant music of the Mariachi tradition features:

Uncluttered pages

  • Detailed photos and fingering charts
  • Separate boxes introduce new words and concepts
  • Easy to follow What to Do
  • Specific Strategies for Success
  • Play-along CD track listed with song
  • 1 song with Spanish lyrics in each lesson
  • Student Practice Time chart at end of each lesson

Beginner Level Method

Excellent resource for community based organizations. Suitable for first year study with elementary, middle and high school students or with adults. Students begin playing on day one of instruction.

Comprehensive curriculum

Students learn to play songs made up of the notes of the G, D, C, and F scales for strings and A, E, D and G for trumpet. They also learn various mariachi song forms, pitch relationships, music terminology, improvisation, and basic composition.

Mariachi History- Historia de Mariachi is included in both teacher and student books.

Affordable, concise and teacher friendly

Rather than being a large textbook with general suggestions, the teacher edition presents a practical approach. Hints are concise and support each lesson. Lesson Plans are included on the Teacher edition CD.

$14.95 - $34.95
Product Code: SM000
Manufacturer: Northeastern

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Teacher Edition - Book 1 $34.95
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Violin - Book 1 $14.95
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