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Scenes for the Ear
-Allan Blank.  Grade 5. A trio for Alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.

One of the powers of music is its ability to evoke images in the listener’s mind, images that can be identified or suggested. While the title of these pieces do not identify an image, this power was very much in the front of the composer’s thinking as the work unfolded. What the listener “sees” is certainly private, while the titles reflect a more immediate response, or character, to the music.  The altissimo is explored in all of the instruments. The tenor and baritone’s only altissimo note is its last, F#. 


Five Movements: Getting Started, Reminiscence, Color Images, Two-some/Three-some/One-some, Echoes. 

Product Code: 1152
Manufacturer: Roncorp

composer: Blank
Grade: 5
Instrumentation: Woodwind - Saxophone

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