Marching Together

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composer Navarre
Style March
Grade .5
Instrumentation Full Band
Ensemble Size Concert Band
-by Randy Navarre
  • Designed to be a first march..
  • 1st section is stepwise; 2nd in stepwise with some thirds.
  • Drum solo between sections.
  • Woodwinds play first melody, then brass plays the 2nd.
  • Piece ends with all instruments playing together.
  • In key of Bb.
  • Can be played after 5 or 6 lessons
  • Clarinets Do Not cross the break
  • Highest note for trumpets is A or Bb
  • All instruments play the same rhythm at the same time (except percussion)
  • Rhythms are whole, half and quarter notes (8th notes in some songs; percussion will play 8th notes at times)
  • All chords of the diatonic scale are used
  • Easy to play; sounds harder than written
  • Playable with as few as 5 instruments