American Fantasie

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composer Navarre
Style Concert Band
Grade 5
Instrumentation Full Band
Ensemble Size Concert Band
Arranger Navarre, Randy
American Fantasie is the true American Patriotic song.  It is the story of America.  Commissioned by the Deerfield Community Concert Band, it reflects the growth of their community.  The original people to live in this area were the Blackfeet Indians.  To follow were the Germans and Irish.  This composition takes melodies of these origins and makes into the story of Amercian and how it became the great melting pot and a true unique Nation.   (First trumpet's highest note is C, only at the end of the song).  Ranges are not a issue, but the very end, the song is a bit complex, but a good high school could prepare this for performance. Otherwise, this would be a Grade 4.5