SKU: Knights Of Chilvary

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Style Concert Band, beginning band, classical, contest
Grade .5
Ensemble Size Concert Band
Arranger Navarre, Randy

One can easily imagine in the days of Castles and Kings, how this composition may spark the feeling of what it may have been like for Knights of the Kingdoms to not only protect the lords of the castle, but also be chivalrous to the ladies of the court.  Dancing at the feast and festivals, escorting the royalty to various events, all a part of being a knight.  Knights did much more than fight and protect the land.  They were allowed to have fun.  Sometimes.

Like all of our Grade 1/2 compositions, its main purpose besides providing good and fun music for your students to play, it is an opportunity for the band director to teach some aspect of music.  This is the perfect composition for introducting eighth notes and following dynamics.  No clarinet crosses the break.  1st trumpet's highest note is A (in the staff).  Everyone plays rhythmically together. Only the drum part may vary.  All chords of the diatonic scale are used to make the harmony more interesting without accidentials.